Population: 220,000 approx.

Seaholm is the capitol of New Sidonia. The city itself is a busy port and lies where the river Fallkirk runs into the Vatic sea.


Districts and points of interest include:
The Castle* – Queen Celest Tal’theron rules New Sidonia from her castle in the heart of the city. The castle is the center of the military, bureaucracy, and city guard. Castle prisons hold prisoners of both the nation and those that are taken by the guard in the inner districts.

Silverlake – Reservered for the most wealthy, the Silverlake district occupies the north west inner part of the city and encompasses entirely the banks of it’s namesake lake. Silverlake includes large mansions, impressive private gardens, marble statuary, and stone and mortal buildings with tile roofs. Merchant space is limited and competetive. Only the highest quality goods and services are available, for the most exclusive clientele.

Mendelson’s, Seaholm’s premier taylor, is located prominently on Lakeside Blvd.

Baron Conreal Straddling keeps a mansion on the lake featuring a gallery with works of ancient art, an an impressive garden maze.


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