New Sidonia

New Sidonia is ruled by it’s founder, Queen Celest Tal’theron.

It’s capitol is Seaholm.
Other cities of note: Brill, and Oren.

It’s name is a reference to the old nation of Sidonia, fallen during The Age of Gates, which once existed in this land (now refered to as Old Sidonia). Old Sidonia once was a prosperous and developed nation. After The Dimming it’s cities and buildings fell into ruin, it’s population mostly died or migrated, and the land grew wild.

Celest led Seaholm in a brief but decisive war against Oren and Brill, neighboring city-states which had conspired together against Seaholm. The war ended after Celest’s armies conquered both opposing cities.

Soon after the war ended Celest declared the foundation of New Sidonia. She claimed borders that included Seaholm, Oren, and Brill. She also claimed the countryside around and between the three cities, and large swaths of the surrounding wilds.

New Sidonia

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