Knights of New Sidonia

The Knights of New Sidonia are an order established by Queen Celest Tal’theron.

The Knights are sworn to protect the Queen, the people, and the land of New Sidonia.

The Knights take as their symbol a white lily on a field of blue – a reference to their Queen, who is known as “the Saber Lily.”

The Knights are a diverse band. It’s core leadership are a group of military leaders and old friends close to Celest from when she was still just the leader of Seaholm’s defense forces in the war with Brill and Oren. Most of its members are traditional armored and mounted knights and members of the noble class. However others in the Knights come from many different backgrounds and include spell casters, rogues, and other adventurous sorts.

The Knights are fiercely loyal to Celest, looking to her for inspiration and leadership.

Members of the Knights make of the Queen’s personal guard as well as her most elite cavalry unit. Other Knights travel New Sidonia, offering protection and justice to it’s people as well as executing the commands of their superiors.

Knights of New Sidonia

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