The Vakasara Vash'el

More commonly known as “the Vash”, the Vakasara Vash’el are a population of wood elves living in and around the woodland between Seaholm and the mountains.

The name Vakasara Vash’el could be simply translated into the common tongue as “remnant wood elves.” The Vash claim to have inhabited the land since the time of Old Sidonia in the Age of Gates. They claim, and history generally agrees, that Old Sidonia contained three distinct elven populations:

Wood elves inhabited the Arden forest, taking the deep heart of the woods as their home.

Moon elves lived in the tree top city of Aldur, situated at the forest’s edge.

Sun elves crafted for themselves the shining quartz city of Quell Atoria with their unmatched command of magic.

Both Aldur and Quell Atoria fell along with the rest of the old Sidonian empire as a result of the events that ended the The Age of Gates, including The Dimming.

Many of the residents of the two cities perished. Some few escaped into the forest, to join with the wood elves, and many others scattered to other lands. Only the self-sufficient wood elves were able to survive inside the boundaries of their great forest as an empire died about them. As such they renamed themselves the “Vakasara” or “remnant”.

The Vakasara Vash'el

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