The Planes of Existence

Ths game will use the standard planes of existence from the Dungeon Master's Guide.

For players without access the DMG, here's a couple quick notes on each of the planes. (includes both original content and DMGcontent)

The Material Plan and Its Echoes:

The Material Plane is the world of Mara. Feywild and Shadowfell are reflections of the Material Plane. Feywild is a realm filled with fairies and magical creatures. It is home to the gods Titania Queen of Summer and Maab Queen of Darkness. Shadowfell is home of Nightshade King of Shadows

The Transitive Planes:

The Ethereal Plane and the Astral Plane are mostly featureless planes that serve primarily as pathways to travel from one plan to another. It is believed that the Gateways operated by means of manipulating the transitive planes.

The Inner Planes:

The Planes of Air, Fire, Water and Earth along with the Elemental Chaos that surrounds them make up the Inner Planes. While the elder god Salamander is known to spend centuries at a time basking in the flames of the Plane of Fire; there are no known thrones on the elemental planes and, as such, no gods that live there.

The Outer Planes:

Sixteen outer planes exist, each corresponding to the eight non-neutral alignments, and the philosophical differences between them. The Outer Planes can be vast, some possibly even infinite in dimension. Many realms may exist inside one Plane, such as the Nine layers of Hell, or the two layers of the Twin Paradises of Bytopia. The Outer Planes are home to most Gods and Ascendants. Some planes have no known gods in residence, others may be home to a single god, or even to many, such as Mount Celestia.

The Planes of Existence

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