Iron Forge

Iron Forge is a mountain dwarf stronghold located in the Black Mountains. The dwarves sit upon extensive iron deposits that are uniquely easy to reach due to the structure of the surrounding rock.

Deeper down the dwarves have discovered veins of rare minerals that have led to the creation of superior alloys. This has made Iron Forge a prosperous source of premium iron and steel.

Iron Forge was founded six hundred years ago in 1434 by Dagda Caskbane, head of his clan. Dagda proclaimed himself Thane of the Iron Forge and set about carving out his halls, mines, and great forges.

Currently Iron Forge is ruled by Rugda Caskbane, sixth Thane of Iron Forge.

Iron Forge is a large community. The dwarves have been busily digging into the mountains for centuries, and are, in fact, still at it. Many thousands of mountain dwarves call Iron Forge their home, as do hundreds of hill dwarves, humans, and members of the other races as well. Most of Iron Forge exists inside the mountain but a small fortified town exists above ground as well.

It is rumored that in the past the dwarves dug too deeply and opens pathways into the underdark. The dwarves deny this, but others say those tunnels were collapsed to prevent drow invading. Still others say it was something even darker than the drow that sought to rise up from the depths.

Iron Forge

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