House rules

Character Generation

Use the standard array (PHB pg 13): 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 in any order, for your ability scores.


Clerics must pick one of The Younger Gods to worship. Dragonborn clerics may also pick one of The Elder Gods. (See links for a list of which gods grant which domains)
Picking a god is optional for all other classes.

Cleric Domains Pick a domain from the players handbook, or one of these:

Make sure to pick a God that grants the domain you want or vice versa.

Character Backstory / Personality

Plan your backstory using information from Peoples and Places, Races, and Factions to fit your character into the world. We can also add new content to fit your specific idea into the world.

Create some goals for your character that fit with their personality and background. It would be helpful to have at least one short term and one long term goal.

Consider starting out as a member of a Faction, or maybe having a particular faction that your character would like to join in the future.

Do all the things listed in the players handbook for creating a characters personality – traits, flaws, etc.

Magic Items

Consumable magic items, such as scrolls and potions can be crafted by skilled NPCs (in theory a PC could learn to craft magic items but it would take a lot of time and effort). Common potions and scrolls may be available for sale in some locations. Rarer or more powerful examples may be harder to secure.

Other magical items cannot be created due to the effects of The Dimming and are considered quite rare. They are not generally available for sale by merchants.

Limits on Magic

Magic is limited at the start of the campaign. This is due to The Dimming.

These limits may be temporary – without revealing too much, I will assure players that they will have the opportunity to change these limits before they actually impact them.

These are the limits in place at the start of the game:

  • Gateways do not function.
  • Travel, by any means, to other planes of existence is impossible.
  • While the Dimming remains in place, spells of greater than 5th level do not function.
  • Summoning spells and spells that allow communication with other planes of existence still work. (All summoning effects/spells that summon things or beings from another plane of existence are temporary effects. If the spell or effect would normally be permanent or would have a duration longer than 24 hours, its duration is instead reduced to 24 hours).
  • Only consumable magical items can be created – potions, scrolls and the like, with 5th level or lower spell effects. Permanent magical items (a +1 long sword for example) cannot be created, but ones created before the Dimming still work. Magic items that normally would produce spells or spell-like effects of greater than 5th level do not do so.

House rules

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