Scholars generally agree that the recorded history of the world of Mara includes five previous ages and the current era:

The Forging – The creation of the world, dragons, and the humanoid races.

The Dragon Reign – Dragons rule the wold, subjugating the "lesser" races. The Elder Gods appear.

The Burning Wars – War between the dragons leads to their decline and the advancement of the humanoid races.

The Age of Heroes – The humanoid races achieve power and civilization. The Younger Gods and other Ascendants appear.

The Age of Gates – A golden age where magical portals connect the entire world and the other planes of existence. The gold age ends as invaders from other planes threaten destruction. The Dimming ends the threat of invasion, but also seals off the planes, collapses all gateways, and limits all magic.

The Current Era – Two thousand years later, The Dimming remains in effect. The world is relatively quiet. There are many stories of this age yet to be told.


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