The common people of Mara are familiar with stories and tales of many legendary Ascendants, some of which may be mostly true, and others completely false.

Scholars, sages, theologians and the like may know more accurate or complete information about individual Ascendants, and Ascendancy in general.

Ascendants are immortal beings that were previously mortals. Although difficult, it is possible to kill an Ascendant through violent or magical means. However, they do not age, nor are they subject to death by starvation, thirst, non-magical poison, or non-magical disease.

Beyond these features ascendants can be very different from one another. Most will gain one or more other special powers or magical abilities. Some are altered in appearance, even to the point of appearing as a different race. Others are altered in personality as well.

The most powerful ascendants are The Elder Gods and The Younger Gods. All gods are ascendants, but not all Ascendants are gods.

Ascendants often reside on other planes of existence but some do live on Mara. Those that do often hide their true identity or at least their Ascendant nature.

There may be many ways to Ascend, but none is common knowledge. What is know is that Ascension is incredibly rare, and in known cases, has happened to powerful individuals – Kings and Heroes of legendary status, powerful ancient Dragons. In most, but not all tales of Ascension, the individual traveled to another plane of existence before their Ascension.


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