World of Mara

The Beginning
The Sidonian War

The city-states of Brill and Oren have conspired together against their neighbor Seaholm.

The war began when assassins hired by Brill and Oren brutally murdered most of Seaholm’s leaders. The entire ruling council was wiped out in a single night as were many of it’s military leaders.

Only one of Seaholm’s generals survived the attack, Celest Tal’theron, daughter of one of the assassinated ruling council members.

Brill and Oren thought to throw Seaholm into chaos with their attack but Celest quickly took the reins of power and organized Seaholm’s defenses.

Inspired by her bravery and leadership, many citizens joined the defense forces. Brill to the north launched a large army towards Seaholm, while the the south Oren raised a slightly smaller force.

In a bold gambit Celest led the bulk of Seaholm’s forces south to face the Orenian army, giving her superior numbers in that fight but leaving Seaholm vulnerable to Brill’s considerable military might.

A single company of Seaholms forces, Wildhorse Company, was sent north to challenge Brill’s forces, which outnumbered it ten to one.

Wildhorse Company was charged with sapping the enemies strength and slowing it’s advance by any means possible, while avoiding direct engagement with the superior force.

The members of the party have joined Seaholms defense force and have been assigned to Willdhorse Company. They are members of a squad led by Kara Danvers. They ride north, soon to face their foes in battle.

In Enemy Territory

Our four brave souls find themselves members of Wildhorse Company. Along with their lieutenant, Kara Danvers, and the rest of the squad, they raced deep into enemy territory.

Their mission is to delay the advance of the vastly larger army from Brill by any and all means necessary.

Before long they spot a group of supply wagons escorted by Brillian troops. As battle was joined Kara, Trotts, Red, and Preacher split off to chase down the leader of the Brillian troops, who immediatly fled.

“Mop up this crew, burn the wagons, and meet up back at camp!”, she snarls at the group before chasing off.

The remaining four Brillian’s tried their best, and nearly too down Yeme but in the end proved no match for our heroes.

The group discovered one of the wagons contained Brillian commoners, pressed unwillingly into military service and freed them. They also the soldiers cloaks and insignia, and a cask of rum from one of the other wagons, before burning them all, along with the bodies of the soldiers.
Longrod killed one of the oxen that had pulled the wagons and cut off a haunch. The rest of the animals were set free.

The group then rested back at camp, before Kara ad the others returned. They had been successful at catching the fleeing officer and had gained some intel before dispatching him.

Trotts, the dwarven heavy, made quite a sight sparring with the much lighter and quicker Longrod.

The night passed uneventfully but the next morning, just after the squad split up, and before the group had left camp, a group of Brillian soldiers stumbled upon them.

Things might have gone badly for the companions, except that one of the enemy soldiers tripped and snapped a branch, causing his companion to curse him, and giving the group precious seconds to prepare.

The Brillians were no match for Ben, Mercurio, Longrod, and Yeme. Ben called forth the vines and weeds of the forest to entangle the soldiers. Mercurio called forth an enchanted slumber that sent several soldiers to the ground, and Longrod and Yeme took care of things from there.

A prisoner was taken, interrogated, and finally dispatched, trembling in fear. The party collected the cloaks and insignias once again from the soldiers and then dumped their bodies in the nearby river.

Catching Up From the Ruined Temple to Brill

Detailed updates on play sessions are probably not going to happen, it just takes too much time.

However, a lot has happened to our heroes, lets at least get the overview.

After unwittingly unleashing Darken Drakefrye the heroes continued to explore the ancient temple. There they discovered the first of the key spheres.

This made the Seahovian army very excited. They were looking for such magic devices. The heroes were tasked with tracking down the remaining three spheres.

Near the village of Cartrest the group discovered a second sphere in an ancient tomb. They also defeated the insane Impy Gawkins, a would be necromancer. The group discovered the Nominus Umbra, a book of dark necromancy, and the Scrolls of Malik Stormborn. They encountered four ghosts and took magical relics from their skeletons, which had been corrupted by Impy’s rituals.

After 6 more weeks of exploration the other 2 spheres were found. The heroes made their way towards Brill, where the sphere’s told them 3 locks awaited. They found Seaholm’s army laying siege to Brill.

After some shenanigans the heroes used the key spheres to open a gate leading to a ruined city beneath modern Brill, opening the way for Seaholm’s army to launch a surprise attack.

However, as the 4 stepped through the gate they were separated from the army, finding themselves in a strange misty passageway. This led them to a large circular room witha stone door on the far end. The room was occupied by a massive four armed demon. The heroes attacked the demon and were nearly overwhelmed by it. At the last minute they were saved by a mysterious figure which held back the demon while they escaped. The figure warned them not to return until they were ready to face the demon on their own.

The heroes soon found themselves back in the ruins underneath Brill. They made their way forward and then up into the sewers. They encountered two looters that warned them they were in the realm of “The Rat King”. They moved on, making their way up into the castle at the heart of the city.

There they found the throne room and joined in an epic battle between the Grand Duke of Brill and Celest Tal’theron, the general of Seaholm’s forces. The Duke temped the heroes with promises of wealth and power but they remained loyal and turned the tide of battle for Seaholm. The duke escaped into the sewers.

After the fall of Brill the heroes had a few days to spend in the city. They made inquires at the Brill Acedemy, leaving there a page from the Scrolls of Malik Stormborn, so that the professors could verify it’s authenticity.

Mercurio earned “the Silver Flute”, an award given for exceptional performances at the Phoenix Feather Inn. He can now play there without charge whenever he likes.

The heroes also learned that the Rat King’s name was Grantz and that he was a criminal and possibly a wererat. They went into the sewers to speak to him but ended up in a fight after a dispute with the Rat King’s guard, from which they narrowly escaped with their lives.

Catching Up From Brill to the Coronation in Seaholm

The heroes left Brill soon after with the rest of their unit. But not before meeting with Gregori Greyhall, Majordomo to House Tal’theron. He gave them invitations to a special event to be held in about 6 weeks in Seaholm, and promised rewards from a grateful Celest.

Two weeks later our heroes were back in Seaholm. They were discharged from the army and paid for their services. They spent the next four weeks in various personal pursuits.

Seaholm was abuzz with news of the end of the war and rumors of what comes next. Then, it was announced that Celeste Tal’theron would be crowned Queen and the three city-states of Seaholm. Brill, and Oren would form a new nation: New Sidonia.

The invitations the party had received from Gegori Greyhall turned out to be for the coronation.

At the coronation, the Queen honored and rewarded many, including our heroes. She knighted each of them publicly as a Knight of New Sidonia. Each received a medal, symbol of their new order.

There was much celebration after the coronation. Yeme ended up taking a young noblewoman to his bed, the next morning stealing away before she awoke, leaving a note that read: “You’re welcome”.

Driz, the next day, was wandering about the city when he noticed he was being followed. He ducked into an Inn and hid. After a time he observed ten men, with concealed weapons enter the inn. He left quickly, before being discovered.

Yeme was enjoying a spa day after the night’s celebrations when a noble man challenged him – the father of the youn women he had spent the previous night with. The man, Baron Straddling, challenged Yeme to a duel that evening.

Later Driz, Yeme, and Mercurio went to the duel. Just as the fight was about to begin, Yeme cast a charm spell upon the Baron, sending the man to go console his daughter, canceling the duel.

Meanwhile, Longrod, spent the day visiting familiar haunts for days gone by. He gave some money to the children at the orfanage where he was raised and met with Dal Swain, an old friend and secretly, a member of the Harpers. Dal formally inducted Longrod into the organization, presenting him with his own silver harp symbol.

Late that night, the four regrouped at the palace in Seaholm. They decided, with the heat on Driz, to leave the city for a time and pursue rumors of goblin attacks near the village of Oakhurst, a few days travel to the west.

The next day, they set out.

The Sunless Citadel

A few days travel brought the group to the village of Oakhurst.

The rumors the group had heard of goblin activity turned out to be not quite accurate.

The townsfolk spoke of recent attacks by unknown assailants. Strange needle-like wounds left on bodies of victims. Many of the attacks were occurring north of town, near the ruins of an ancient stronghold.

The group offered to help a local business owner and noblewoman. Two of her grown children, along with two other companions, a month ago, entered the ruins, seeking adventure and reward. There never returned. She offered a reward for the return of her children or, at least, proof of their fate.

Not far from town they found the ruins – an ancient fortress sunken deep into a chasm in the earth.

Decending, they encountered a tribe of goblins, at conflict with a group of orcs. The goblins offered the group safe passage and reward in return for the return of their prize wolf, recently stolen by the orcs.

The party encountered the wolf, an evil and intelligent Winter Wolf, that turned out to prefer its place with the stronger orc tribe. A fight ensued, and the heroes were able to subdue the wolf and return it to the goblins.

Exploring further they encountered, Muchi, a traveler held prisoner by the orcs. After freeing him, the group invites Muchi to join them in their exploration of the ruin.

The group defeated the orc chieftain and scattered his people. In the chief’s crude throne room they found a vine choked shaft, leading deeper into the earth. A violet glowing light shown from far beneath.

Decending the shaft the group encountered twig blights, orcs, ogres and bugbears, all seemingly in service to a druid. The lower level was covered in soil and rot. Lit by glowing purple fungus, supporting, if barely, the growth of pale and spindly plants.

Their path eventually led them to a grove, choked by thorns. A tall blackened and twisted tree, limbs bare but for a single white apple, lay at the center of the grove. The druid, Belak, stood, apparently waiting for the group, who’s passage through the citadel had not gone unnoticed. At his side an armored knight and robed woman, both with roughened grey bark-like skin. Near the tree several twig blights silently waited.

Sneaking forward unseen, Longrod raised his bow and let fly an arrow straight for the corrupt druid’s heart. The shaft flew true, dropping the druid to the ground before he even knew he was not alone.

The ensuing melee was brutal but eventually the heroes prevailed. As the last of their foes fell, Yeme paused for just a moment, then stepped towards the twisted tree, reached out, and plucked the white apple.

His lifeblood spilling into a larger and larger pool around him, the dying druid Belak choked out his final words…

The Sunless Citadel Resolved

“You! You’re the one master Griel wants…”, The dying druid pointed feebly at Driz. His had falls limp to the ground. The blood pulsing from his neck begins to ebb.
“You cannot stop us. The Circle of Thorns will rise up not matter how many vines you pull.”, gasps the druid before his eyes roll back and breath leaves his body.

Driz approaches the tree, intent upon saving it from its corruption, or at least learning more about what had happened here. The tree whispers to him of power and mutual gain. It wants his friends as a sacrifice. The group burns the evil tree.

Final explorations of the citadel lead to an ancient sarcophagus guarded by small trickster fiends. Two of the fiends escape, laughing, after one is slain. The sarcophagus, sealed for centuries, when opened revealed a troll, alive and perfectly preserved. After slaying the monster the group return to the village of Oakhurst.

Several days are spent in the village. The group makes fast friends with Lady Kerowyn Herecule, after returning to her the signet rings of her deceased children. The mayor and townspeople regard the group as heroes and with their help burn the saplings they had grown from seeds of the evil tree’s fruit.

With Oakhurst calm and safe once more the group sets its sights on a return the Seaholm, and beyond.

A problem with potions

After returning to Seaholm the group was surprised tor receive an invitation from Baron Conreal Straddling. Curious, they met with the Baron in his manor house in the Silverlake district.

Though a gracious and generous host, the Baron made clear that he had dirt on the party. He was prepared, should need arise, to press charges of cowardice against Yeme. Further was was aware of Sir “Driz” James Adams being a fugitive convicted of murder.

The Baron, however, offered to put aside all grievances and work with the party, if they helped him with a few matters.

The Baron tasked the group with stealing all the stock from Rugo’s Potions, a local shop. The Baron had business dealings with Rugo but had found out the man was selling tainted potions to the Five Points orphanage in Brill.

The group, suspicious if the Baron, visited Rugo’s shop and spoke to the man, demanding answers and revealing the Baron’s accusations to the man. Rugo quickly became hostile, refusing to answer questions and demanding the group leave his shop several times. When they refused to do so he unleashed spells against them and the party, not wishing open conflict in the posh Silverlake district made a strategic withdrawal.

Now convinced the man did indeed have something to hide they spied on the shop, waiting until dark. Curiously nether Rugo nor his halfling apprentice left the shop after closing that night.

Sir Mercurio used a sleep spell on the guard and the group entered the shop. After dealing with the wizard Rugo’s magical wards, animated statues, and a pack of hell hounds, the group stole the wizards potions, tossing hundreds of illegible marked bottles and flasks into a magical bag provided by the Baron.

They discovered correspondance with the headmistress of the Five Points Orfanage revealing a plot to “transform” the children using magical potions supplied by Rugo.

Then, in the basement, they discovered Rugo in a secret torture chamber, about to sacrific his apprentice Kaydie, in order to use her blood in his potions. The group struck hard, fast, and without warning. Rugo was captured and Kaydie saved.

The group turned Rugo over to the authorities in the castle and made Queen Celest Tal’theron aware of the plot at the orphanage in Brill.

Returning to the Baron, the group was well rewarded for their service, with both platinum, and safe passage to Tantalus.

The group set sail a few days later..

The Voyage to Tantalus

The Horizon passed through stormy seas for much of the journey. The entire part was sick the first week. Yeme and Longrod never really adjusted and had a miserable trip.

One night, while the group was gathered with some the ship’s crew, telling stories, the cat, Wiggles, appeared on deck. In the cat’s bloody jaws was a zombie rat, thrashed and clawed, its guts trailed along the deck behind Wiggles, but the thing kept moving.

Yeme quicky cut the head off the zombie rodent and tossed the parts overboard. The crew, however was still quite upset.

A search was soon started to find the source. Driz spoke to Wiggles and soon the group was searching the lower decks. There they discovered a circle of runes recently carved into the floor of the hold. The symbols matched those of the Nominus Umbra.

Before much longer Longrod caught the cabin boy, Scoot, attempting to return the evil book to Yeme’s pack. Surprised, the boy raised a hand towards longrod and a ray of frost burst forth, striking Longrod and chilling his flesh.

The boy collapsed soon after into a crying and confused mess. It was obvious the book had gotten some amount of hold over him. Yeme attempted to comfort the boy with words of Maab. The boy pulled forth a small amulet, a holy symbol of Mael, King of Storms that he kept about his neck. Yeme grabbed the symbol from him and smashed it under his boot.

Cowed and scared, the boy agreed to tell his tale to the captain in the way the group wished it told.

Nevertheless, the captain still found out about the book and was angered to find such a thing had been brought onto his vessel.

After two months at sea landfall was finally made in the small port town of Elard’s Rest on the shore of sourthern Tantalus.

Before leaving the boat the convinced Jon “Grubbs” MacSwell, the ship’s cook, to go with them and play the drums as part of their act backing up Mercurio.

One Year Later

A year has passed (both in and out of game).

Many adventures were had on the island of Tantalus. In the end Sir “Driz” James Adams cleared himself of the murder of his fiancee and Griel was defeated.

Avalynne Vara joined the companions, drawn together seemingly by nothing more than common self-interest.

The group returned to Seaholm after strange encounters and adventure while at sea, including possibly encountering both the gods Nightshade and Rhapsody.

After a day of celebration at their return to land, the group made its way to the palace. There they championed Queen Celeste Tal’theron against undead knights sent by Darken Drakefyre.

The group sat in on the Queen’s council and conferred with some of her advisers, Knight Captain of the Queen’s Guard, Kara Danvers and Talia Morona, the Royal Mage (who now hates both Driz and steak sandwiches).

The group has taken on the task of seeking out who is behind attacks on the kingdom’s infrastructure near Brill. Meanwhile General A’bell is to lead an army south to put down hill giants near Oren. And Count Conreal Straddling is to keep people away from, and a watchful eye upon, Redrock forest; now claimed by Darken Drakefyre.

The group has visited the Festival of the Twelve and has met with Halcyon, high priestess of Maab. She has asked Sir Yeme and friends to help her take revenge against Silvania, high priestess of Titania, for murdering her predecessor.

The group is headed to The Blind Boar, an Inn where they will wait for word from Halcyon.


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