King of Undeath. Younger God


Vecna appears as a skeletal lich with one searing point of light in place of his right eye and a dark pit where his left eye would be. He wears rich silk robes of purple and green, embroidered with arcane symbols. His left hand is missing and he carries carries a staff capped with a dark crystal clasped in a dragon’s claw in his right.

Symbol: A cracked one eyed skull.

Clerics of Vecna must meet the following requirements:

  • Alignment: No Lawful allowed. No Good allowed.
  • Domain: Arcana or Death.

Vecna appears as a lich because he was one before his Ascension. He rules over a vast army of undead minions and spends eternity increasing his knowledge and power.

It is said that, to become a lich he sacrificed his right hand and to become a God, his right eye. Vacna’s hand and eye still exist and are artifacts of immense, if corrupted, power.


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