The Destroyer. Elder God


Tiamat usually appears as a gigantic 5 headed dragon (each head a different color – red, black, blue, green, and white). She also may appear as dark and beautiful human or elven woman.

Symbol: A five pointed star with curved points.

Clerics of Tiamat must meet the following requirements:

  • Race: Any dragon or dragonborn.
  • Alignment: No Good allowed.
  • Domain: Darkness or War.

Tiamat’s ultimate goal nothing less than total domination of all of existence and the destruction of any that would oppose her.

Fortunately Tiamat has been frustrated in her desires so far. Currently it is rumored that Tiamat is trapped by some means in the Plane of the Abyss by Asmodeus, perhaps as revenge for some betrayal. Tiamat’s most hated foe is Bahamut, greatest of the good Elder Gods.


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