King of Shadows


Nightshade takes many forms but his most iconic is that of a tall man dressed in layers of cloth that run from light gray to midnight in tone. He carries an ebony cane, though he appears not to need it. His features are obscured in shadow – almost, but never quite clear, no mater the lighting conditions.

Symbol: A point down triangle, containing a swirl of mist.

Clerics of Nightshade must meet the following requirements:

  • Alignment: No Lawful allowed.
  • Domains: Arcana or Trickery.

Nightshade rules the plane of Shadowfell. It is thought by some that he is insane. “Insane like a fox” is his reply. Nightshade seems to have few scruples in his methods, but his goals are difficult to understand. He may have plans for Mara that only he knows. Or he might just be insane.


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