Sir "Driz" James Adams

Master of the Circle of the Shepherd


A druid from Tantalus, tall and wild, he wears a fine bearskin cloak and carries both shield and staff.


Driz grew up on a farm like so many on the island nation of Tantalus. Growing up he and his best friend, Griel Boker, did everything together. As young men they both became bounty hunters. Then, they both met a druid circle that they eventually joined.

Druidcraft can easy to Driz, while Griel struggled, and became jealous.
Matters were complicated further when the beautiful Talitha choose Diz over Griel. The night of their engagement Driz passed out from drink. He woke to find Talitha dead, the murder weapon his own dagger.
He turned himself in and was quickly sentanced to die for his crime.

Just before the sentance was to be carried out he was visited by Griel, who gloated that it was he that had killed Talitha, and he that had framed Driz. Griel left the prison laughing.

In his anguish, something inside Driz snapped, his body transformed into that of a raven’s, a feat of druidcraft that he should not yet have been able to achieve. And yet, it had happened. He took wing and flew from the prison, and from his former life.

In time he made his way off the island, landing on the continent of Vethea, in the port of Seaholm.

Driz vows to someday return, to clear his name and bring justice to Talitha’s murderer.

The long sea voyage had depleted his funds, leaving his in need of coin to finance his exploration.

Then, war came suddenly to Seaholm and he saw an opportunity. The city was offering rich rewards to volunteers, especial those with special skills like his. And, he was likely to travel if he joined up as well, as so he did.

Sir "Driz" James Adams

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