The Shinning One. Elder God


Bahamut typically appears as a ancient dragon with brilliant platinum scales. Sometimes he appears as a knight sheathed in plate armor that shines with the light of the sun. Bahamut has been known to appear in much more humble forms as well, keeping his divine nature a secret.

Symbol: A dragon’s head in profile, pointing left.

Clerics of Bahamut must meet the following requirements:

  • Race: Any dragon or dragonborn.
  • Alignment: No evil allowed.
  • Domain: Light or Protection

Bahamut resides on the Plane of Mount Celestia. He rules a court upon the seventh, and highest, peak of the Mountain. He is considered the most powerful of the goodly Elder Gods, equaled only by Tiamat in power.

Bahamut, unlike the other Elder Gods, is sometimes worshiped by humans and demi-humans. Like the other Elder Gods, he grants no spells to non-dragon/dragonborn clerics, and appears to show no particular favor to his non-draconic faithful. Even so, Bahamut’s goodness, might, and legendary deeds make him worth of devotion to some.


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