King of Fiends. Younger God


Asmodeus takes many forms. Often he appears as a handsome man with slick black hair and a pointed black beard. He may or may not sport horns. Other times he appears as a monstrous horned demon.

Symbol: Three triangles in tight formation.

Clerics of Asmodeus must meet the following requirements:

  • Alignment: No Chaotic. No Good.
  • Domain: Knowledge or Trickery.

Asmodeus was never an inhabitant of Mara. He is a Fiend, native to the Plane of the Abyss. He does however accept the worship of mortals, and does grant spells to his clerics. He delights in crafting contracts that he can twist against the other party, all while holding strictly to the letter of agreement.

Asmodeus is counted as a member of The Younger Gods because he started attracting worshipers on Mara during the time when other Gods were appearing. He is actually much older than that, and could possibly be even older than The Elder Gods. No one who knows is telling.


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