World of Mara

Catching Up From Brill to the Coronation in Seaholm

The heroes left Brill soon after with the rest of their unit. But not before meeting with Gregori Greyhall, Majordomo to House Tal’theron. He gave them invitations to a special event to be held in about 6 weeks in Seaholm, and promised rewards from a grateful Celest.

Two weeks later our heroes were back in Seaholm. They were discharged from the army and paid for their services. They spent the next four weeks in various personal pursuits.

Seaholm was abuzz with news of the end of the war and rumors of what comes next. Then, it was announced that Celeste Tal’theron would be crowned Queen and the three city-states of Seaholm. Brill, and Oren would form a new nation: New Sidonia.

The invitations the party had received from Gegori Greyhall turned out to be for the coronation.

At the coronation, the Queen honored and rewarded many, including our heroes. She knighted each of them publicly as a Knight of New Sidonia. Each received a medal, symbol of their new order.

There was much celebration after the coronation. Yeme ended up taking a young noblewoman to his bed, the next morning stealing away before she awoke, leaving a note that read: “You’re welcome”.

Driz, the next day, was wandering about the city when he noticed he was being followed. He ducked into an Inn and hid. After a time he observed ten men, with concealed weapons enter the inn. He left quickly, before being discovered.

Yeme was enjoying a spa day after the night’s celebrations when a noble man challenged him – the father of the youn women he had spent the previous night with. The man, Baron Straddling, challenged Yeme to a duel that evening.

Later Driz, Yeme, and Mercurio went to the duel. Just as the fight was about to begin, Yeme cast a charm spell upon the Baron, sending the man to go console his daughter, canceling the duel.

Meanwhile, Longrod, spent the day visiting familiar haunts for days gone by. He gave some money to the children at the orfanage where he was raised and met with Dal Swain, an old friend and secretly, a member of the Harpers. Dal formally inducted Longrod into the organization, presenting him with his own silver harp symbol.

Late that night, the four regrouped at the palace in Seaholm. They decided, with the heat on Driz, to leave the city for a time and pursue rumors of goblin attacks near the village of Oakhurst, a few days travel to the west.

The next day, they set out.


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