World of Mara

A problem with potions

After returning to Seaholm the group was surprised tor receive an invitation from Baron Conreal Straddling. Curious, they met with the Baron in his manor house in the Silverlake district.

Though a gracious and generous host, the Baron made clear that he had dirt on the party. He was prepared, should need arise, to press charges of cowardice against Yeme. Further was was aware of Sir “Driz” James Adams being a fugitive convicted of murder.

The Baron, however, offered to put aside all grievances and work with the party, if they helped him with a few matters.

The Baron tasked the group with stealing all the stock from Rugo’s Potions, a local shop. The Baron had business dealings with Rugo but had found out the man was selling tainted potions to the Five Points orphanage in Brill.

The group, suspicious if the Baron, visited Rugo’s shop and spoke to the man, demanding answers and revealing the Baron’s accusations to the man. Rugo quickly became hostile, refusing to answer questions and demanding the group leave his shop several times. When they refused to do so he unleashed spells against them and the party, not wishing open conflict in the posh Silverlake district made a strategic withdrawal.

Now convinced the man did indeed have something to hide they spied on the shop, waiting until dark. Curiously nether Rugo nor his halfling apprentice left the shop after closing that night.

Sir Mercurio used a sleep spell on the guard and the group entered the shop. After dealing with the wizard Rugo’s magical wards, animated statues, and a pack of hell hounds, the group stole the wizards potions, tossing hundreds of illegible marked bottles and flasks into a magical bag provided by the Baron.

They discovered correspondance with the headmistress of the Five Points Orfanage revealing a plot to “transform” the children using magical potions supplied by Rugo.

Then, in the basement, they discovered Rugo in a secret torture chamber, about to sacrific his apprentice Kaydie, in order to use her blood in his potions. The group struck hard, fast, and without warning. Rugo was captured and Kaydie saved.

The group turned Rugo over to the authorities in the castle and made Queen Celest Tal’theron aware of the plot at the orphanage in Brill.

Returning to the Baron, the group was well rewarded for their service, with both platinum, and safe passage to Tantalus.

The group set sail a few days later..


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