The Younger Gods

The Younger Gods

The Younger Gods are the gods of men, dwarves, orcs, and all the other humanoid races. The Younger Gods are powerful Ascendants that can grant divine spells and abilities to their followers (Clerics). The most powerful of the Younger Gods control The Thrones.

There are many Younger Gods. Note to players: If none of these gods meets your needs we can work together to create a new one!

Below are some of the Younger Gods:

Name Title Allowed Cleric Domains Cleric Alignment Restrictions Holy Symbol
Asmodeus King of Fiends Knowledge or Trickery No Chaotic, No Good. Three triangles in tight formation.
Asp Queen of Assassins Darkness or Death No Chaotic, No Good. Three tear drops in a triangle.
Asteria Queen of Stars Darkness or Light No Evil. A black rose before three stars.
Bane King of Fear Death or Tempest No Lawful. No Good. An upright black hand.
Bastion King of Light Light or Protection No Chaotic. No Evil. A golden sun.
Corellon King of Champions Arcana or Protection No Lawful. No Evil. An eight pointed star.
Faraday Queen of Love Light or Trickery No restrictions. A red rose.
Fenrir King of Beasts Nature or War No Lawful. A wolf's head, raised in a howl.
Gaia Queen of Life Life or Nature No Lawful, No Evil. An oak leaf
Gruumsh King of Hordes Tempest or War No Lawful. No Good. A triangular eye with bony protrusions.
Haydee Queen of Peace Life or Light No evil. A waterfall, plunging into a still pool.
Helm King of Honor Forge or War Must be Lawful. A flaming sword.
Liber King of Cups Life or Tempest Must be Chaotic. A cup, overflowing.
Lolth Queen of Spiders Arcana or Darkness

No Lawful. Must be Evil. Must be female drow elf.

A spider, all legs pointed down.
Maab Queen of Darkness Darkness or Nature No Lawful. A dark spiral.
Mael King of Storms Nature or Tempest No Lawful. Three lightning bolts radiating from a central point.
Morradin King of Smiths Forge or Protection No Chaotic. No evil. A mighty hammer.
Mystra Queen of Mages Arcana or Knowledge No restrictions. A circle of seven stars
Nightshade King of Shadows Arcana or Trickery No Lawful. A point down triangle, containing a swirl of mist.
Nyx Queen of Death Death or Grave No restrictions. Upright skeletal arm holding balanced scales.
Oghma Queen of Lore Forge or Knowledge No Chaotic. A blank scroll.
Rhapsody Queen of Songs Knowledge or Life No Evil. A tuning fork.
Sheba Queen of Wealth Knowledge or Protection No restrictions. An eight sided coin.
Silk King of Thieves Darkness or Trickery No Lawful. A smiling black mask.
Tempus King of Battle Tempest or War No restrictions. Two clashing blades.
The Twins Queen of Fate / King of Luck Knowledge or Trickery No restrictions. A golden coin, stars on one side, dice on the other.
Titania Queen of Summer Arcana or Nature No Chaotic. No Evil. A dragonfly silhouette.
Tor King of Justice Grave or Protection No Chaotic. Must be Good. A golden circle.
Vecna King of Undeath Arcana or Death No Lawful allowed. No Good allowed. A cracked one eyed skull.
Whisper Queen of Hunts Nature or War No Evil. A bow with a notched arrow.


The Younger Gods

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