Tantalus is an island contentment and is home to some of the best protected ports in Mara.

Most of Tantalus’ population lives in small scattered communities involved in farming and shepherding. There are a handful of major cities, nearly all of which are ports such as Vineport in the north or New Tanis on the north eastern tip of the island.

The capitol is the city of Isvar, located in the central region of the island. Isvar is the seat of government for Jorun Bagby, Lord Regent of Tantalus. The central government commands the Wardens and the Navy, an impressive force of tax collectors. It prefers to leave most of the rest of the duties of governance to lesser authorities.

Cities in Tantalus are typically governed by bureaucracies consisting of aristocrats and merchant princes. Law enforcement is typically handled by city guard and appointed magistrates.

Outside the cities, government is a patchwork of local lords, mayors, and councils of elders, and druidic circles. The most worshiped goddess is Gaia, Queen of Life. Local druid circles are revered by the people and act as protectors, peace keepers, and priests to the people.

A group known as the Wardens act as marshals throughout Tantalus. The wardens are divided into three groups, the Wardens of the East, West, and South. Wardens travel the land, alone or in groups, as well as maintaining forts and garrisons in strategic locations. The Wardens traditionally defer to local officials in most matters but through their own internal hierarchy, they serve the Lord Regent and may invoke his name and authority at need, overruling all others.

Several druid circles, such as the Circle of the Moon and the circle of the Shepherd have large followings. A new circle, the Circle of Thorns, has seen rapid growth in the last year and has pushed other circles out of certain regions.

At its southern end Tantalus is tropical in climate, and is covered by thick jungles. The people of the south call themselves the Oolong. The claim to have history dating back to The Dragon Reign though like many, their civilization collapsed at the end of The Age of Gates. The Oolong now live in small clans either living in the jungles, or fishing the southern coast.

The rest of the island’s population arrived in waves between 1000 and 400 years ago and refer to themselves as Tantalusians. They have reclaimed lands grown wild since The Dimming.


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