Scrolls of Malik Stormborn

They include several texts dealing with esoteric matters to do with the planes of existence, the source of magic, and the nature of divinity. They are damaged by time and the subject matter is way over your head.

There are also several pages that appear to be a diary or journal entries. Many parts are damaged and illegible but several sections remain:

“…It was then that I discovered the way to reach it! The Font! The very …(unreadable)…, finally within our grasp.”

“…time we did not have, the demons were a tide of dea …(unreadable) …d back no longer. Magic and blood, we ten, men and gods, so much sacrif…(unreadable) …creation of the seal. Yet in the end the gods, Corellon, Ga…(unreadable) …dee, and Bastion, for all their might, were forced to stand aside. Only mortals born of Mara could traverse…(unreadable)…ur fate was our own to make…”

“…could feel the Dimming even before the four returned from the Font. (unreadable) …ll color had drained from the world. The magic that had flowed like a river through my veins was now but a trickle. I laughed and wept all at once. The demon threat ended, the sparkle of this world diminished….”

“(unreadable)…teways are dormant. The demon hordes stopped. There is celebration, we are heroes. Yet already the voices of alarm cry out, and well they should. Sidonia is c… (unreadable) …e world is. Winter comes and there is no trade, and not enough food. There will be many dea…(unreadable)… and elsewhere. Our greatest wonders lie dormant, starved of the ma…(unreadable) …them. Our greatest heroes maimed, robbed of their true strength. The world is a smaller, duller place. Yet…(unreadable) …that comfort I shall take to my grave.”

“The four are gone, and soon I shall…(unreadable)… Sybill confessed the truth to me before the end, and I shall write the words here, that all memory, and for me, all hope, shall not be forever lost.”
“(unreadable) …she whispered to me, “We all said we agreed but when it was done you could all feel it, yes the Seal was in place, but it was not fixed! (unreadable) …et be undone for there was no unity…(unreadable)…osing. Don’t ask me who, whichever of us it was took their secret to the grave.”

“So, the Dimming, our path to salva…(unreadable)…aiming of this world’s magic, and what now we know to be the harbinger of a dark age, is not so final as we believed, as everyone believes. Until the (unreadable) …aced with unity of purpose, all things are possible. I only wish I knew if this secret be a source of hope or despa…(unreadable) …all go to my grave still wondering.”

Scrolls of Malik Stormborn

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