Allowed player character races:

Most towns, cities, and other medium to large population centers are diverse places made up of members of many different races, living in relative harmony.  The typical population is roughly 40% human, 10% dwarf, 10% elf, 10% halfling, and 10% gnome. The final 20% being made up of dragonborn, half-elves, goliaths, tieflings, and other even less common races.

Most non-human races also have their own lands or communities made up mainly of their own racial group.

The following notes change or update the standard racial descriptions:

Goliaths live in tribal, often nomadic communities located in wild and savage lands. It is not unheard of, however, for goliath to travel or settle in more civilized lands as well.

Half-orcs are very rare in Mara. They are a surprising and generally unwelcome sight in most civilized places and may experience even worse reactions than drow or tieflings.

Drow elves are split into two groups. Those that live underground are typically evil and worship Lolth Queen of Spiders. Those living on the surface are more often of good or neutral alignment (but there are exceptions). These drow are typically followers of Asteria Queen of Stars, or one of the other gods and reject Lolth. Surface drow may live among humans, other elves, or in small bands of their own kind. They are generally tolerated and even accepted by other races, but sometimes may be subject to suspicion or prejudice.

Dragonborn were created by dragons during The Burning Wars. There is one city-state ruled by and populated mostly by dragonborn, known as Drax Cartref. Many dragonborn also live among humans and the other races.

Tieflings were created during The Age of Gates when demonic powers mixed infernal and mortal blood. Tieflings while generally tolerated, can expect to be the subject of occasional suspicion or prejudice similar to drow. Tieflings are rare enough that they do not form communities of their own. Most live in human dominated lands.


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