Calendar and Date System

For convenience sake the campaign will use standard American date and calendar conventions.

The campaign begins on June 15th, 2101 CE (Current Era)

The CE calendar marks the years since The Dimming ended The Age of Gates.

Records of the earliest era, the Forging, are more myth and legend than true history. There is no agreed upon and reliable timeline for the Forging. Nor is there consensus as to the length of this age. Some believe it lasted for as little as a few hundred years. On the other extreme, some are convinced it lasted for hundreds of thousands of years or even more.

Dates from the Dragon Reign are denoted with ‘DR’ (i.e. 1/14/906 DR). The year 1 DR marks the beginning of recorded history. Dragons had likely already been ruling the lands for thousands of years by this time. The date is believed to mark the first time humans were taught literacy by the dragons.

The Dragon Reign ended in the year 22,345 DR.

The next year was 1 BW, the first year of the Burning Wars

Mara endured the Burning Wars for over a thousand years. The calendar system marks its end as 1409 BW.

Next came The Age of Heroes which lasted four thousand years. In 4092 AH the first permanent Gateways were established, ending the age.

The Age of Gates lasted until 3840 AG, when The Dimming resulted in the collapse of the Gateways and the beginning of the current era.

Therefore, all of recorded history on Mara spans roughly 34 thousand years since the Forging.

Calendar and Date System

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