Population: 180,000 approx.

Brill is the most northerly city in New Sidonia.

Though an important regional port, Brill’s harbor does not match that of Seaholm or Oren to the south.
Brill lost its independence after launching and lossing a war against Seaholm,

Before it’s fall, Brill was led by Mallor family, a nobel house who’s head holds the title of Grand Duchess or Duke. The last Grand Duke, Stein Mallor, fled the city after being defeated by seaholm’s armies led by [[:celest-tal-theron | . His current whereabouts are unknown.

Districts and places of interest:

The Grand Palace – Formerly the ancestral home of the Mallor family. It now serves as residence for the governor of Brill and seat of local government.

The Sewers – Brill has an extensive network of sewers. Dangers include all sorts of scavengers including gelatenous cubes. Grantz ‘the Rat King’ runs a gang out of the sewers and considers them his territory.

Brill Academy of Science and Learning – A large university with schools devoted to various fields of study including history, art, science, literature, and, language. Notably the Academy does not offer study of magic. Its libraries are well reputed and contain many rare and unique works.

The Undercity – Brill is build atop the ruins of a much older city left ruins after The Age of Gates. Ancient gates leading into the under city, from outside Brill were opened by magic during the war, leading to the successful conquest of Brill. At least one tunnel connects the undersity to Brill’s sewers.


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