Brill is the most northerly city in New Sidonia.

Brill is a port city, though its harbor does not match that of Seaholm or Oren, it’s sister cities to the south.
Until recently Brill was an independent city-state. Brill joined forces with Oren in order to crush it’s regional rival, Seaholm.

Oren and Brill had the leadership of Seaholm assassinated as a prelude to war. A war which Brill eventually lost to forces loyal to Celest Tal’theron, daughter of one of the slain former leaders of Seaholm.

Before it’s fall, Brill was led by Mallor family, specifically it’s head, a figure holding the title or Grand Duke/Duchess. The last Grand Duke, Stein Mallor fled the city after being defeated by Celest and her forces. His current whereabouts are unknown.


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