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  • The Younger Gods

    The Younger Gods

    The Younger Gods are the gods of men, dwarves, orcs, and all the other humanoid races. The Younger Gods are powerful Ascendants that can grant divine spells and abilities to their followers (Clerics). The most powerful of the …

  • The Thrones

    The Thrones

    Little is known of the Thrones.

    It is believed that many, or all of the planes of existence beyond Mara contains one or more Thrones. Each Throne is unique in form and reflects the nature of the plane, or the …

  • Gods and Ascendants

    [[Ascendants]] are powerful, ageless beings, usually former mortals of legendary stats or power.

    Click the links below for lists of the Elder and Younger gods and more information about each.

    [[The Elder Gods]] are ascended Dragons …

  • Fenrir

    Fenrir is the King of Beasts, ruling over natural creatures. Fenrir distrusts civilization. His worshipers are usually more at home in the wilderness than in any city.

  • Corellon

    Corellon is patron to mages and artists. He opposes [[:gruumsh | Gruumsh]], his arch enemy as well as [[:lolth | Lolth Queen of Spiders]]. He is close friends with [[:asteria | Asteria Queen of Stars]].

  • Asmodeus

    Asmodeus was never an inhabitant of Mara. He is a Fiend, native to the Plane of the Abyss. He does however accept the worship of mortals, and does grant spells to his clerics. He delights in crafting contracts that he can twist against the other party, …

  • Gruumsh

    Gruumish is primarily worshiped by the "evil" races - orcs, ogres, goblins and the like. But he does have followers among the other races as well. He is mortal enemies with the God [[:corellon | Corellon]]. It is said by many that Corellon is responsible …

  • Tor

    Tor is a popular God with worshipers of many races. He is pledged to Justice - balancing law and judgement with compassion and generosity.

  • Bastion

    Bastion is a benevolent but distant figure. His realm is well ordered and prosperous. Even in his court, the blinding light which surrounds him holds him apart from his followers. It is said that when he shows his face to a defeated foe he can change …

  • Nightshade

    Nightshade rules the plane of Shadowfell. It is thought by some that he is insane. "Insane like a fox" is his reply. Nightshade seems to have few scruples in his methods, but his goals are difficult to understand. He may have plans for Mara that only he …

  • Mael

    Mael commands the elements of water and lightning. Though he personifies destructive forces of nature it is thought that he retains a soft spot for the powerless.

  • Silk

    Silk is one of the most inscrutable of the younger gods. His motives are his own and he's not talking. Patron to thieves, Silk appears to favor daring, cunning, and underdogs. Despite this rakish outlook, only a fool would assume Silk does not have his …

  • Vecna

    Vecna appears as a lich because he was one before his Ascension. He rules over a vast army of undead minions and spends eternity increasing his knowledge and power. It is said that, to become a lich he sacrificed his right hand and to become a God, his …

  • Asp

    The Queen of Assassins is feared far more than she is worshiped. Still, individuals and various cults do venerate her. Asp is known to ally herself with many gods when she has need to do so, and with none when she does not.

  • Maab

    Maab and [[:titania | Titania]] each rule over a rival court on the Plane of [[Feywild]]. Though rivals, the two have been known to cooperate when it is in both their interest to do so. Maab commands the Winter Court. On Mara the [[Order of the Winter …

  • Nyx

    Nyx is one of the most secretive of the gods. Her motives are her own and she is not sharing them. Since Nyx holds power over death, she is also associated with preventing death and even reversing it. Alternatively, there are times where granting death is …

  • Faraday

    Faraday follows her heart and commands her worshipers to do the same. She is associated with passion, love, and beauty. But also with jealousy, seduction, and obsession.

  • Haydee

    Haydee seeks to promote peace on Mara and between the gods. A seemingly impossible task to be sure, but one well matched to a goddess of immeasurable patience.

  • Rhapsody

    Rhapsody is patron to bards, singers, and musicians of all kind. She has a vast knowledge of artistic and musical lore, including songs, poems, plays and the like from every culture to exist for thousands of years on Mara.

  • Lolth

    Lolth is the main goddess of the drow elves. She spurns the worship of other races and jealously guards her chosen people. She is mortal enemies with [[:corellon | Corellon]], and [[:asteria | Asteria]], both of which she sees as a threat to her control …

  • Asteria

    Asteria is the daughter of [[:lolth | Lolth]]. Asteria rejected her mother's evil ways. She is often worshiped by drow that leave the underdark, rejecting traditional drow ways, and Lolth. She seeks the redemption of the drow people, including a return to …

  • Sheba

    Sheba is concerned with the acquisition of wealth as well as it's disposal. She uses her decadent appearance, and an outwardly generous nature to fool the unsuspecting. In actuality she is a calculating manipulator, masterful trader, and a cunning foe.

  • Liber

    Liber seems to care little for his godhood, excepting that it allows him to continue his revels without end. He usually takes no part in the affairs of the rest of the gods, though when pressed he fights in a savage and drunken rage.

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