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  • The Elder Gods

    The Elder Gods

    The Elder Gods are dragons that went through Ascension sometime between [[The Forging]] and [[The Burning Wars]].

    The Elder Gods reject all worship of the humanoid races, considering them beneath notice. Some …

  • Gods and Ascendants

    [[Ascendants]] are powerful, ageless beings, usually former mortals of legendary stats or power.

    Click the links below for lists of the Elder and Younger gods and more information about each.

    [[The Elder Gods]] are ascended Dragons …

  • Tiamat

    Tiamat's ultimate goal nothing less than total domination of all of existence and the destruction of any that would oppose her. Fortunately Tiamat has been frustrated in her desires so far. Currently it is rumored that Tiamat is trapped by some means …

  • Bahamut

    Bahamut resides on the Plane of Mount Celestia. He rules a court upon the seventh, and highest, peak of the Mountain. He is considered the most powerful of the goodly [[The Elder Gods | Elder Gods]], equaled only by [[:Tiamat]] in power. Bahamut, …

  • Nidhogg

    Nidhogg personifies draconic greed and avarice. He takes no sides between [[:tiamat | Tiamat]] and [[:bahamut | Bahamut]], caring only for his own personal gain.

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