World of Mara

In Enemy Territory

Our four brave souls find themselves members of Wildhorse Company. Along with their lieutenant, Kara Danvers, and the rest of the squad, they raced deep into enemy territory.

Their mission is to delay the advance of the vastly larger army from Brill by any and all means necessary.

Before long they spot a group of supply wagons escorted by Brillian troops. As battle was joined Kara, Trotts, Red, and Preacher split off to chase down the leader of the Brillian troops, who immediatly fled.

“Mop up this crew, burn the wagons, and meet up back at camp!”, she snarls at the group before chasing off.

The remaining four Brillian’s tried their best, and nearly too down Yeme but in the end proved no match for our heroes.

The group discovered one of the wagons contained Brillian commoners, pressed unwillingly into military service and freed them. They also the soldiers cloaks and insignia, and a cask of rum from one of the other wagons, before burning them all, along with the bodies of the soldiers.
Longrod killed one of the oxen that had pulled the wagons and cut off a haunch. The rest of the animals were set free.

The group then rested back at camp, before Kara ad the others returned. They had been successful at catching the fleeing officer and had gained some intel before dispatching him.

Trotts, the dwarven heavy, made quite a sight sparring with the much lighter and quicker Longrod.

The night passed uneventfully but the next morning, just after the squad split up, and before the group had left camp, a group of Brillian soldiers stumbled upon them.

Things might have gone badly for the companions, except that one of the enemy soldiers tripped and snapped a branch, causing his companion to curse him, and giving the group precious seconds to prepare.

The Brillians were no match for Ben, Mercurio, Longrod, and Yeme. Ben called forth the vines and weeds of the forest to entangle the soldiers. Mercurio called forth an enchanted slumber that sent several soldiers to the ground, and Longrod and Yeme took care of things from there.

A prisoner was taken, interrogated, and finally dispatched, trembling in fear. The party collected the cloaks and insignias once again from the soldiers and then dumped their bodies in the nearby river.

The Beginning
The Sidonian War

The city-states of Brill and Oren have conspired together against their neighbor Seaholm.

The war began when assassins hired by Brill and Oren brutally murdered most of Seaholm’s leaders. The entire ruling council was wiped out in a single night as were many of it’s military leaders.

Only one of Seaholm’s generals survived the attack, Celest Tal’theron, daughter of one of the assassinated ruling council members.

Brill and Oren thought to throw Seaholm into chaos with their attack but Celest quickly took the reins of power and organized Seaholm’s defenses.

Inspired by her bravery and leadership, many citizens joined the defense forces. Brill to the north launched a large army towards Seaholm, while the the south Oren raised a slightly smaller force.

In a bold gambit Celest led the bulk of Seaholm’s forces south to face the Orenian army, giving her superior numbers in that fight but leaving Seaholm vulnerable to Brill’s considerable military might.

A single company of Seaholms forces, Wildhorse Company, was sent north to challenge Brill’s forces, which outnumbered it ten to one.

Wildhorse Company was charged with sapping the enemies strength and slowing it’s advance by any means possible, while avoiding direct engagement with the superior force.

The members of the party have joined Seaholms defense force and have been assigned to Willdhorse Company. They are members of a squad led by Kara Danvers. They ride north, soon to face their foes in battle.


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