Queen of Death. Younger God


Nyx appears as a figure wrapped in black hooded robes. Her face is hidden in shadow, obscured to the living, visible only to the dead. Speaking to Nxy is an unnerving experience. Each person she speaks to hears their own voice, whispering Nyx’s words into their ear. The effect is such that the weak willed cannot tell the difference between her words and their own thoughts.

Symbol: Upright skeletal arm holding balanced scales.

Clerics of Nyx must meet the following requirements:

  • Alignment: Any.
  • Domain: Death or Grave.

Nyx is one of the most secretive of the gods. Her motives are her own and she is not sharing them. Since Nyx holds power over death, she is also associated with preventing death and even reversing it. Alternatively, there are times where granting death is a form of mercy. Therefore Nyx has followers of all alignments, and can offers the choice of either the life or death domain to her clerics.


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