Queen of Winter. Younger God


Maab may appear as a starkly beautiful elven, fairy, or human woman with pale skin and long black hair. Her weapon of choice is a rapier with a midnight blade. She may or may not manifest delicate appearing fairly wings of umber and earthen hues, swirled with veins of darkness.

Symbol: A dark spiral.

Clerics of Maab must meet the following requirements:

  • Alignment: No Lawful allowed.
  • Domain: Darkness or Nature.

Maab and Titania each rule over a rival court on the Plane of Feywild. Though rivals, the two have been known to cooperate when it is in both their interest to do so.

Maab commands the Winter Court. On Mara the Order of the Winter Count venerates Maab. Her aspects include darkness, winter, and nature. Hers is the chill winter wind to counter Titania’s warm summer breeze.

Despite the tone of her aspects, Maab is not evil in nature, she is rather the definition of untamed.


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