Queen of Spiders. Younger God


Lolth can appear as a spider – from tiny to gigantic, a drider (like a centaur but with the upper body of a drow attached to the thorax of a giant spider), or a drow woman.

Symbol: A spider with all legs pointing down.

Clerics of Lolth must meet the following requirements:

  • Race: Must be a drow elf.
  • Gender: Must be female.
  • Alignment: No Lawful allowed. Must be Evil.
  • Domain: Arcana or Darkness.

Lolth is the main goddess of the drow elves. She spurns the worship of other races and jealously guards her chosen people. She is mortal enemies with Corellon, and Asteria, both of which she sees as a threat to her control over the drow.


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