Celest Tal'theron

General of the Seaholm Defense Force, The Saber Lily


Celest is a young half-elven woman with long white blond hair and pale violet eyes. Versed in both martial and arcane arts, she wields Iskander, a curved sword engraved with arcane runes. She favors mail polished to a mirror finish. To her army (whom adore her to the point of worship) and some of her closest allies, she is known as the Sabre Lily.

Celest has a commanding presence that belies her slight stature.


Celest is the daughter of the late Rull Tal’Theron, former First Councilor of the city of Seaholm. After Brill and Oren conspired to have Seaholm’s Council assassinated Celest rallied the city and form an army to defend it.

Celest Tal'theron

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