Celeste Tal'theron

Queen of New Sidonia, The Saber Lily


Queen Celeste Tal’theron rules the land of New Sidonia.

Celeste is a young half-elven woman with long white blond hair and pale violet eyes. Versed in both martial and arcane arts, she wields Iskander, a curved sword engraved with arcane runes. She favors mail polished to a mirror finish. Her people often call her the Sabre Lily.


Celest is the daughter of the late Rull Tal’Theron, former First Councilor of the city of Seaholm. After Brill and Oren conspired to have Seaholm’s Council assassinated Celest rallied the city and the army to not jsut defend the city, but to take the fight to the enemy on their own turf.

Against all odds after a short but brutal war, Celest crushed her enemies, conquering first Oren, and finally Brill.

Soon after her victory, Celest crowned herself Queen of a new nation: The land of New Sidonia. She declared the bordered of her land to include the three cities she now ruled, along with the surrounding countryside and even large swaths of the wilds beyond.

Celeste Tal'theron

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