World of Mara

The Voyage to Tantalus

The Horizon passed through stormy seas for much of the journey. The entire part was sick the first week. Yeme and Longrod never really adjusted and had a miserable trip.

One night, while the group was gathered with some the ship’s crew, telling stories, the cat, Wiggles, appeared on deck. In the cat’s bloody jaws was a zombie rat, thrashed and clawed, its guts trailed along the deck behind Wiggles, but the thing kept moving.

Yeme quicky cut the head off the zombie rodent and tossed the parts overboard. The crew, however was still quite upset.

A search was soon started to find the source. Driz spoke to Wiggles and soon the group was searching the lower decks. There they discovered a circle of runes recently carved into the floor of the hold. The symbols matched those of the Nominus Umbra.

Before much longer Longrod caught the cabin boy, Scoot, attempting to return the evil book to Yeme’s pack. Surprised, the boy raised a hand towards longrod and a ray of frost burst forth, striking Longrod and chilling his flesh.

The boy collapsed soon after into a crying and confused mess. It was obvious the book had gotten some amount of hold over him. Yeme attempted to comfort the boy with words of Maab. The boy pulled forth a small amulet, a holy symbol of Mael, King of Storms that he kept about his neck. Yeme grabbed the symbol from him and smashed it under his boot.

Cowed and scared, the boy agreed to tell his tale to the captain in the way the group wished it told.

Nevertheless, the captain still found out about the book and was angered to find such a thing had been brought onto his vessel.

After two months at sea landfall was finally made in the small port town of Elard’s Rest on the shore of sourthern Tantalus.

Before leaving the boat the convinced Jon “Grubbs” MacSwell, the ship’s cook, to go with them and play the drums as part of their act backing up Mercurio.


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