World of Mara

The Sunless Citadel Resolved

“You! You’re the one master Griel wants…”, The dying druid pointed feebly at Driz. His had falls limp to the ground. The blood pulsing from his neck begins to ebb.
“You cannot stop us. The Circle of Thorns will rise up not matter how many vines you pull.”, gasps the druid before his eyes roll back and breath leaves his body.

Driz approaches the tree, intent upon saving it from its corruption, or at least learning more about what had happened here. The tree whispers to him of power and mutual gain. It wants his friends as a sacrifice. The group burns the evil tree.

Final explorations of the citadel lead to an ancient sarcophagus guarded by small trickster fiends. Two of the fiends escape, laughing, after one is slain. The sarcophagus, sealed for centuries, when opened revealed a troll, alive and perfectly preserved. After slaying the monster the group return to the village of Oakhurst.

Several days are spent in the village. The group makes fast friends with Lady Kerowyn Herecule, after returning to her the signet rings of her deceased children. The mayor and townspeople regard the group as heroes and with their help burn the saplings they had grown from seeds of the evil tree’s fruit.

With Oakhurst calm and safe once more the group sets its sights on a return the Seaholm, and beyond.


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