World of Mara

Catching Up From the Ruined Temple to Brill

Detailed updates on play sessions are probably not going to happen, it just takes too much time.

However, a lot has happened to our heroes, lets at least get the overview.

After unwittingly unleashing Darken Drakefrye the heroes continued to explore the ancient temple. There they discovered the first of the key spheres.

This made the Seahovian army very excited. They were looking for such magic devices. The heroes were tasked with tracking down the remaining three spheres.

Near the village of Cartrest the group discovered a second sphere in an ancient tomb. They also defeated the insane Impy Gawkins, a would be necromancer. The group discovered the Nominus Umbra, a book of dark necromancy, and the Scrolls of Malik Stormborn. They encountered four ghosts and took magical relics from their skeletons, which had been corrupted by Impy’s rituals.

After 6 more weeks of exploration the other 2 spheres were found. The heroes made their way towards Brill, where the sphere’s told them 3 locks awaited. They found Seaholm’s army laying siege to Brill.

After some shenanigans the heroes used the key spheres to open a gate leading to a ruined city beneath modern Brill, opening the way for Seaholm’s army to launch a surprise attack.

However, as the 4 stepped through the gate they were separated from the army, finding themselves in a strange misty passageway. This led them to a large circular room witha stone door on the far end. The room was occupied by a massive four armed demon. The heroes attacked the demon and were nearly overwhelmed by it. At the last minute they were saved by a mysterious figure which held back the demon while they escaped. The figure warned them not to return until they were ready to face the demon on their own.

The heroes soon found themselves back in the ruins underneath Brill. They made their way forward and then up into the sewers. They encountered two looters that warned them they were in the realm of “The Rat King”. They moved on, making their way up into the castle at the heart of the city.

There they found the throne room and joined in an epic battle between the Grand Duke of Brill and Celest Tal’theron, the general of Seaholm’s forces. The Duke temped the heroes with promises of wealth and power but they remained loyal and turned the tide of battle for Seaholm. The duke escaped into the sewers.

After the fall of Brill the heroes had a few days to spend in the city. They made inquires at the Brill Acedemy, leaving there a page from the Scrolls of Malik Stormborn, so that the professors could verify it’s authenticity.

Mercurio earned “the Silver Flute”, an award given for exceptional performances at the Phoenix Feather Inn. He can now play there without charge whenever he likes.

The heroes also learned that the Rat King’s name was Grantz and that he was a criminal and possibly a wererat. They went into the sewers to speak to him but ended up in a fight after a dispute with the Rat King’s guard, from which they narrowly escaped with their lives.


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